Support Incident Tracker - Installation & Setup

It looks like you are setting up SiT! for the first time because we could not find a configuration file.
Please proceed with creating a new configuration file.

New Configuration

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MySQL Database Hostname

The Hostname or IP address of the MySQL Database Server, usually 'localhost'

$CONFIG['db_hostname'] =

MySQL Database Name

$CONFIG['db_database'] =

MySQL Database Username

$CONFIG['db_username'] =

MySQL Database Password

$CONFIG['db_password'] =

MySQL Database Table Prefix

Optionally prefix database table names with the a string (e.g. 'sit_', use this if the database you are using is shared with other applications

$CONFIG['db_tableprefix'] =

Web Path

The path to SiT! from the browsers perspective with a trailing slash. e.g. /sit/

$CONFIG['application_webpath'] =

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